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​UAV is the latest invention. UAV stands for an unmanned aerial vehicle. That’s people calling the drone. How to control drone - is a million dollar question to its user. If you are a beginner, it’s an essential question for you. However, if you are a beginner, you should remember many things while controlling the drone.

​It’s a significant challenge to control the drone for the first time. You have to know all the rules and regulations. Are you worried about the matter? Don’t feel any hesitations. It’s a beginner’s guide to drones. In the manual, you will able to know the A-Z of controlling the drone. Besides, this guide can prepare you from beginner to expert of the drone control.

​We said you that the guide will help you a lot on how to hover a drone. So, we set the guide from A to Z. Let’ tell you in details. For example, first of all, you should learn on the transmitter and the controls. Then you have to prepare your drone to fly.

​The primary challenge to control the drone is during the flying time. There are different types of controlling in the fly time. You have to turn left and right. However, you should turn forward and backward. You should also learn on the square and circle pattern. The guide will drive you all the process in step by step.

​Introducing With the Controls

​Yes, now we present you with the controls that are most important part of the guide. There are four parts of the control naming roll, pitch, yaw and throttle. You have to learn the details on the 4 things. If you have a lack of learning those, you will make a mistake. Moreover, there is a chance to crash your drone. So, learn the controls with considerable attention.

​1.  Roll

​The roll moves of the drone to both sides. The drone is moving in the particular direction that the roll moves. If the right sticks move to leave or right, the drone also moves in the left or right. So, the roll controls the movements of the drone from left to right or from right to left. It can use to passes away the obstacle of trees and building etc.

2.  ​Pitch

​It needs to forward and backward while flying with the drone. The pitch controls the movements. While pushing the right sticks up, then the drone moving forward. Besides, while driving the right stick down, then the drone running back.

​3.  Yaw

​The yaw is for rotating the drone as your direction. It can able to rotate the quadcopter left and right. It’s a fundamental controlling option of the transmitter. You can also rotate your UAV with clockwise and anticlockwise.

4.  ​Throttle

When you want to move your drone up and down, then you need to use the throttle. The drone is changing the altitude when you move the left stick up and down.

​The Transmitter or Remote Control Overview

​The transmitter or remote control is the controller of the drone that helps to fly the UAV. There are different types of transmitters. Shapes and size divide the transmitters. Let’s introduce with the transmitter. Here, we discuss different parts of it.

1.  ​Right stick

​The right is able to move the drone from left to right and right to left. It can also move your drone forward and back. This is an essential task on how to control drone. In a word, we can say that it can control the roll and pitch.

​2.  Left stick

​The left sick is able to rotate the drone in 360 degrees.  The stick also can adjust the height of flying.

​3.  Trim Buttons

​Trim buttons make the transmitter to balance the control.

​Activities Before Fly

​You should take some procedures before flying the drone. You hardly know the rules and regulation of FAA. Besides, you should check all the conditions and systems of the quadcopter. This drone tutorial can give you the pre-flight checklist. Check all the activities before fly your drone in the sky. Then you will be enjoying the perfect flying experience.

​1.  Condition of The Weather and Place

  • ​Look at the weather condition if there is any rain or windy situation.
  • ​Avoid flying during rain. It may cause harm to the device.
  • ​Remember; always give attention to the wind speed. You should operate the drone in the wind speed under 20 mph to fly.
  • ​Observe the flying site carefully. It’s an essential matter to think. There are lots of obstacles may damage the drone. Moreover, you have known about the FAA regulation. This regulation has some condition to fly the quadcopter.
  • ​Try to avoid the trees, building and wires while flying the drone. Yes, this is the obstacle of flying the drone.

2.  ​Check the System

  • ​Check the camera, propellers, transmitter and aircraft frame etc.  These parts are most important for the drone.
  • ​Another vital part of a drone is fuel.  Join the fuel source with care. Remember, if you don't complete the task, there will be a serious accident or the drone may not start.
  • ​Add the propeller and make sure that they can able to fly off the wings of the drone.
  • ​Check the memory card and insert it into the drone.

​3.  Check the Power Option

  • ​Switch on the remote or transmitter.
  • ​Be ready your quad.
  • ​Check the connection between quadcopter and transmitter.
  • ​Point the antenna to the air.
  • ​Check the FPV or display panel if they are working correctly.
  • ​Check the battery or fuel of the drone. You also check the transmitter fuel or battery level.

4.  ​Take off the Drone

  • ​You should take off the drone about ten seconds with eye-level altitude.
  • ​Be alert for any difficulties.
  • ​Don’t ignore the sound that is abnormal.
  • ​Verify the software problems and the electromagnetic obstacles.
  • ​Check finally for the safety of the drone.
  • ​Start flying with a quadcopter.

​Flying Time

​There is some procedure on how to control drone. The UAV has no pilot. So, think that you are the pilot of the drone. Carefully read the technical matters to fly the drone. First of all, you should the control and the transmitter of a drone.

​You have to learn how to take off the quad. Then you should also know how to turn right/left and forward/ backward. In this drone tutorial, we also discuss the square pattern and circle pattern. Besides, you know the techniques of rotate. Finally, you have to land the aircraft.

​1.  How to use Different Turns

​There are two sticks in the transmitter. They are right and left stick. Roll and pitch control with the right stick. The right stick can move your drone left and right or backward and forward. Yaw and throttle controlled with the left stick. The left stick can adjust the height of the flying drone. It also can rotate your quadcopter.

​2.  How to use a Square Pattern

​Push the right stick to fly forward. Back the right sticks in the middle. Then push the right stick to the roll to flying to the right. However, you will make a square pattern.

​3.  How to use Circle Pattern

​You have to push the right stick up. And then push it to the right. Both roll and pitch happened in time. You have to fly in a circle to the right.

​4.  How to Rotate the Drone

​You can use the throttle to rotate the drone. While in a nice flying in the air, you should push the left stick. Then it will make a rotation of the drone. Rotate the drone in 360 degrees. Again push the left stick in another direction. Moreover, rotate the quad in another way in 360 degrees. 


​Yes, because the safety is matter. Thus, you should know the safety purposes of a drone before fly. We see two types of safety matters of the quadcopter. We divide safety between before flying the drone and after operating the drone. There are 9 tips we won't give you on both sides.

1.  ​Before Flying

  • ​Check the battery if it’s fully charged or not. If not, then load it fully.
  • ​Avoid flying in the area that has a lot of trees and buildings.
  • ​Verify all the propellers.
  • ​Don’t switch on the quadcopter before the transmitter.

2.  ​After flying

  • ​Don’t switch off the remote control before quadcopter.
  • ​Avoid charging the battery after the flying the drone.
  • ​After flying the drone, you should remove its propellers.
  • ​To protect the gimbal from damage, attach clamp.
  • ​Store the device in a safe place.

​Final Words

​It’s an exciting job if you fly a drone. When you learn the process to operate the UAV, it will be a fantastic moment for you. Always ignore the place that is harmful to the drone. Please read the instruction carefully.

The whole of how to control drone will try to help you a lot. This guide can able to help you with details if you’re a beginner. But if you are an expert, check the ‘how to’ and ‘safety option’ of the post. 

Best of luck and happy flying.

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