Top 10 Best Mini Drone for Beginners in 2020 – Reviews and Guide

Do you desire to get a mini-drone? You have just landed on the site that will give you the best mini drone for beginners. You just don't want the fun of flying one around pass you by, right? I get it. Drones are taking over the world, everyone is crazy about them.

Before you buy one, remember there are many things about mini drones you need to know. You need to identify reliable places where you can buy a drone, you need to learn the rules about drones so that you can stay out of trouble.

You also need to understand how they work and their basic anatomy because not all drones fly out of their packages.

​In the market, there are numerous drones in different types and styles. Is it your first time to think of buying a drone? You should be proud of yourself because owning a drone at this moment in time is a big milestone. Especially if you will be able to identify one that best suits your interest.


​Speed Mode

​Flight Mode


Latest ​Price

​Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini ​Drone

​Adjustable in 3 Modes

​​3600 ​Rotations and Flip Stunts

​For Learning and Fun

​Potensic A20 Altitude Hold Quadcopter

​Adjustable Speed.

​Headless Mode

​For Learning and Fun

​Super Durable Nano Drone for Beginners​

​Two Speed Modes


​For Learning and having Fun

​Maxxrace STEM Rc toys DIY Mini Racing Drone

​Adjustable Speed

​3600 Roll Overs and Headless Modes

​For Racing Competitions and Learning

​Force1 HD Drone with Camera

​Adjustable Speed

​Headless Mode

​For Taking Videos, Photos and Learning

​Honor-Y 20 Minutes Long Flight Time​

​Adjustable Speed

​3600 Moves

​For Taking Videos, Photos and Learning

​​LBLA Mini Drone Headless mode for Beginners

​High Speed

​3D Rollover, Headless Mode

​For Learning and having Fun

​Force1 X5UW Drones with Live Camera

​High Speed

​Headless Mode

​For Recording Videos, Taking photos, Fun and Learning

​TOZO Q4040 Drone RC Quadcopter

​Adjustable Speed

​3D Rolling

​For Learning

​Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone

​High Speed

​3600 Roll over actions in headless mode. Uses Compass.

​For Recording videos, taking photos, fun and Learning.

​Best Mini Drone for Beginners - Mini Reviews

Best Mini Drone for Beginners is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put ​Best Mini Drone for Beginners is a one of the best in our Product Type List.

1.  Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners

​Holy Stone HS190

Opening my list is the Holy Stone HS190. It is a very interesting drone because its rotation speed is super-high. It can do a number of the 360 rotations in a split of a second. It flies high which is something most people like, including you.

High speed is fascinating. In just pressing one key, the drone can take off and float as high as you want. Once you are satisfied flying it around, go back to the button and bring it home.

The headless mode is great for when the drone gets out of your sight, you still get to control it without a fuss. Also the altitude hold function just allows you to release the throttle stick and your drone will stay balanced in the air for as long as you want.

​Similarly, the triple speed adjustments modes let you explore the high, low or medium speed which is quite fun. There are these beautiful LED lighting system that will help you navigate your drone. When it is night, they are so nice to look at.


  • ​Holy Stone HS190 impressed us with how foldable it is. You can fold and carry it easily without breaking anything.
  • ​The stability of the drone in the air is also quite impressive.
  • ​We also liked the double way charge system. ​
  • ​Well, you can charge using a USB cable or use the built-in tiny charging cable that you will find in the controller.
  • ​The small cable charging style is good because it makes it easy for you to carry around your drone without worrying about its power.


  • ​We did not like how small the drone is. Though it is convenient for beginners and kids.
  • ​The drone also has a short play time then its transmitter operates only on a short range of distance.

​2.  Potensic A20 Altitude Hold Quadcopter Drone for Beginners

​Potensic A20

When it comes to enjoying a lot of freedom depending on operation proficiency, the Potensic A20 just scoops many points on this factor. It has superb speed adjustment, you can fly it however high you like, no speed limits.

Besides that, the altitude hold function is at the top of its game because when you release the drone to fly, it will be locked at the height of your desire making it super-easy to control especially for beginners and hobbyists.

The drone comes with a single key that serves to take off and bringing the drone back home. The single key function is good for beginners to learn easily how to control a drone because it offers two simple instructions.

​When the headless mode is activated, you can just enjoy flying the drone around without being concerned about its direction. Well, the headless mode is like a ‘safe-mode' for the Potensic A20.


  • ​What we liked about the Potensic A20 is the fact that when it is out of range, it sends an emergency alarm which is in form of a beep sound. This means you will not be able to lose the drone or get it out of control easily.
  • ​Also, the battery, when it runs low it sends a warning sound that reminds you to return the drone back home and recharge.


  • ​What we did not like about the Potensic A20 is it is not a camera drone despite being so cool.
  • ​Since it does not have a camera, it's supposed to somehow retain battery power for a long time yet it does the opposite.

​3.  Super Durable Nano Drone for Beginners/Children

​Super Durable Nano Drone

When it comes to enticing children, small things like beautiful lights are mind-blowing to them. The Nano Aircraft Helicopter has specially designed LED lights that enable the drone to create a beautiful scene when it is flown. 

Your kids will still enjoy flying the Nano drone even at night as the lights make it easy to see where it goes. Besides the spectacular lights, Nano drone comes with a built-in battery meaning the kids will not be able to pull it out.

All you need to do is charge it for them and let them enjoy the fun of flying it. The drone is also very stable and flexible. The kids can do some 3D tricks while flying it and have endless fun. The Nano drone can fly up and down, backward and forward. Kids can turn it sideways as well.

​The drone has a sturdy structure which includes two shielding bull bars. They are much stronger and no matter how hard the kids try to crash the drone, it will be able to somewhat resist. With how kids are, they can decide to play indoors or outside especially when they are excited about their new toy.


  • ​​What we really liked about the Nano Drone is the circular protective frame. It can reduce so much impact when the drone falls. This way, the drone lasts longer because the blades are safe, motors are well covered. 
  • ​The drone's lifespan is also elongated by the protective cover. Another advantage of this feature is that it makes this drone perfect for use by children.


  • ​We did not like how small the drone is. Yes, it fits in a palm especially that of a kid.
  • ​Another thing we did not like about the Nano Drone is that it's only limited to two modes of speed. It's either you fly it fast for competition, battle or fly it slow for pleasure.

​4.  Maxxrace STEM Rc toys DIY Mini Racing Drone for beginners

​Maxxrace STEM

If you intend to teach some kids a little bit of science then Maxxrace STEM Rc toys DIY Mini Racing will enable you to achieve so much. It is the perfect DIY drone kit that will enable you or your students to develop an interest in some disciplines of science.

Just to sample a few, they include technology, engineering, and math. You never know, you may inspire a great mind that will change people's lives.

The drone has a 3600 angle which will offer you so much flexibility especially when moving it horizontally, vertically, left, right and any other flip stunts you may like. Another feature that makes the Maxxrace STEM Rc great for kids, it is the 6-axis gyro. It just provides the drone with stable flight time. It also gives kids the freedom to explore various flight movements.

​Also, kids who are excited about their new drones, they never mind if it is calm or windy, they just want to fly it around. That is why Maxxrace STEM RC has strong wind resistance and it is quite easy to control.


  • ​We liked Maxxrace STEM Rc toys DIY Mini Racing because first of all, it can be a nice way to appreciate your child by gifting them with it like on a birthday or after they have impressed you in something.
  • ​Then, it inspires kids to think big and have that beautiful spirit of competition.
  • ​It can be so great for kids since it is easy to use, has altitude hold, therefore, allowing so much fun.
  • ​It is way stronger than most drones.


  • ​​We did not like the Maxxrace STEM Rc toys DIY Mini Racing because of the long time you have to wait for it to cool down after it heats up. ​
  • ​We also did not like how charging system's current input is limited. Since it is for enlightening kids to pursue science, it could be a bit technical to use for some kids.

​5.  Force1 HD Drone with Camera for Beginners


Force1 make some compelling products. Their drones are generally unique and if you get something from them, you will be lucky. The Force1 HD drone is easy to use and offers a magnificent photo taking capabilities.

With this drone, you will be able to capture images and videos at a very wide angle as you fly it. All you need to do is to connect the drone to your mobile over WIFI. It could be a smartphone or a tablet.

You will be able to get high-quality imagery that if for instance, you share it on social media, your friends will be wowed. You will also enjoy all kinds of tricks needed to fly Force1 HD drone. It has a stronger altitude hold that will provide your drone stable hovering and capture of imagery.

​Then, there is just one key that will enable you to land or take off the drone. Because it is designed for beginners, it does not mean pros can't have fun with it too. It has been created to take care of both a pro and a beginner's needs.


  • ​What we really liked about the Force1 HD drone is that you are given an extra battery to enjoy more flight time.
  • ​The drone can go higher up the sky to heights you have never imagined and still capture great imagery. 
  • ​The drone has also been tested for you to enjoy a quality assured drone.


  • ​​Flying the Force1 HD drone is not that easy if you are less knowledgeable about the drone. In short, at the start of learning to fly it, you may need an expert as it is a bit complicated.


​Honor-Y 20

One of the most affordable drones with a camera on this list. Honor-Y is perfect for beginners and kids who want to learn how to take videos with a drone on their own. Just connect the drone to your smartphone over Wi-Fi and enjoy live videos from a 720p camera.

Moreover, the drone has a longer flight time like no other. Its high capacity battery will allow you to fly your drone for over 20 minutes without replacing the battery.

You will also be able to view at 360 degrees as the Honor-Y can withstand the air pressure even that of a hill and light winds are less of a threat too. To top it all, the one-key take off and land operation will give you the sense of satisfaction you have always desired.

​With the headless mode is incorporated to allow to fly the drone without being concerned about the direction it has taken.


  • ​We liked the fact that the drone is tough enough for even rough kids to enjoy flying it.
  • ​Although it is made from high-quality plastic, it doesn't mean its heavy and therefore it won't fly instead it flies high and it can withstand light winds.
  • ​​The drone has gone through so many crash tests just to make sure it is strong enough to put up with the enthusiasm of kids and beginners.


  • ​We did not like how the motor and circuit board heats up quickly and then you have to wait for it to cool down for a while.
  • ​​While charging, you have to be vigilant about the power size. If it goes above the stipulated amount it could burn up. This seems a weary task and most people are impatient.

​7.  LBLA Mini Drone for Beginners

​LBLA Mini Drone

Coming from a unique brand, LBLA Mini Drone is one of the most versatile drones on this list. Thanks to the fact that it has a 6-axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight.

The strength in flight factor even makes it easier to be used by kids because it can resist wind and control it is easy too. When the drone reaches a point where you can't see it clearly, you just switch it to a headless mode and continue flying it.

You can also enjoy some 360-degree rolls without crushing it and impress your friends, let's say you are in a drone competition.

​Besides, the drone is super-fast in fact it has two-speed modes; one for beginners and the other for pros. The super-speed makes it perfect for racing.


  • ​We liked LBLA Mini Drone because it is fast. Then it has LED lights meaning you can still enjoy flying it at night or in dark spaces. These lights make a beautiful scenery, especially in the night sky.​
  • ​The drone has a powerful motor which makes the drone even more effective.
  • ​It is a high-quality beginner drone that you can use for a long time.


  • ​LBLA Mini Drone is super-fast and has only two-speed modes; either faster or fast no slow mode. We also did not like the quadcopter quick loss of connection to a controller. Though you can manage this situation faster it involves a complicated process.
  • ​Sometimes the motor may stop spinning while the drone is in the air, yet it does not warn you.

​8.  Force1 X5UW Drones with Live Camera for Beginners

Force1 X5UW

Another powerful drone from Force1 that frees you from the typical remote fuss and allows you to use your phone to control it. Force1 X5UW Drone lets you begin with the resilience of a professional.

By just tilting your phone, you will be able to capture high definition videos with the Wi-Fi connected camera that comes with the drone. You can take wide-angle photographs for example up to 1200 with this drone's camera as it is a 720p HD.

In addition to that, the Force1 X5UW Drone has admirable stability. With the 6-axis gyro, you can take off, land, flip at 3600 and fly the drone with less effort. Well, when it comes to withstanding altitude, you can count Force1 X5UW Drone in.

​You will also get to defy the laws of gravity and have a lot of fun scape viewing even if it is for a short while.


  • ​​Force1 X5UW Drones comes with a camera. That is if you like viewing your environment at a better angle. You can also save videos and images for later viewing.
  • ​​We also liked the fact that it comes with extra batteries. Force1 really know how to give someone the pleasure of cruising their drones to the fullest.
  • ​It is also the only one so far that is easier to use with a camera among other drones, especially for beginners.


  • ​​Since Force1 X5UW Drone is very powerful, it has a camera that uses Wi-Fi and uses mobile applications to run, it is expensive. But if you are looking forward to investing money in something good, then investing in Force1 X5UW Drone won't be a waste at all.

​9.  TOZO Q4040 Drone RC Quadcopter Foldable Mini for Training

​TOZO Q4040

If you are planning to fly your drone really high, you need a powerful drone for that. TOZO Q4040 can withstand high altitudes as it comes with a strong air pressure hold function.

Alongside the air pressure holder, TOZO Q4040 has the latest 6-axis flight control system. Meaning you will be able to maintain this drone at the highest height possible for a long time and still be able to do 3D rolling effects.

You will flip it, roll it to the left, right, front and back without crashing. When the drone reaches a point where you can't see it clearly, you can switch to a headless mode and enjoy an easy experience whereby you control the drone without losing its direction.

If you are going out to mountain climbing, you can go with your drone because it has a foldable design that makes it convenient to carry and store in your backpack.

​Since it is designed to fly high, the drone has a very powerful motor that can spin fast and enable it to float really high for a long time.


  • ​​About the TOZO Q4040, we liked its new 6-axis gyco control system. The system gives the drone a balanced flight which makes it easy to control and for that reason kids can have fun with it.
  • ​The drone is also handy and consumes less storage space. You can take it anywhere you want to go. It's crafted from high-quality materials that are safe to use and last longer.


  • ​​We did not like how the motor and circuit board heat up quickly. If you are patient enough you can wait for it to cool down for at least 10 minutes but the fun will be disrupted.
  • ​Another thing is, the drone takes a long time to recharge. I mean, you charge for like one hour and then in just ten minutes of flying, the battery is out.

​10.  Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone for Beginners

​Holy Stone HS160

Closing my list is a simple drone for beginners from Holystone. It is black and green in color. Holy Stone HS160 perfectly blends with nature by camouflaging if you want to spy on something, it will do just fine.

HS160 features colorful LED lights that are both at the front and back, making it easy for you to differentiate the two sides. The front lights are blue while the backlights are red. The lights also make flying the drone at night fun because of the beautiful scenery they create.

Controlling the drone shouldn't be a problem because it can be switched to compass mode. The compass mode allows you the drone to change its flight direction when the direction of the remote control changes. As a beginner, you will find this fun.

There is a built-in positioning system which will enable your drone to locate its remote control and return home. All you need to do is press one key return button once. You can also enjoy doing simple flight tricks because the drone has a 3600 rollover capability.

​The drone comes with an extra battery to allow you to enjoy an elongated flight time. Charging it takes a shorter time as compared to other drones.


  • ​We liked the HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone for Beginners because it has a simple design that makes it easy to use. In fact, the colors of the drone are the ones that totally captivated our attention.
  • ​In addition to that, the back and front lights are so convenient.
  • ​​It is made of high-quality materials that are equally tough and durable.
  • ​It's generally a classy drone for a starter.


  • ​HS160 has a shorter battery life, it is important to recharge it often.​
  • ​The propellers are very weak, they break easily, and you just need to be more careful unless you use all of your spares in a single day.

​Things to Consider When Buying the Best Mini Drone for Beginners

​Here is a list of the essential elements to consider when ​Choosing a ​best mini drone for ​beginners.


​Since drones just began selling recently, their price rates tend to be high. But mini drones are quite affordable and for a beginner like you, there is no hardship in acquiring one for yourself. Entry level drones are cheaper while expert levels are expensive.

Entry level drones are easier to use and miss a few quality specs. Therefore when buying a beginners drone, you should consider how much you want to spend depending on the quality of the drone you want.

​Flight Time and Range

​Flight time is the duration of time that a drone is able to stay afloat. The range is the distance up and around where the drone will be. Flight time and range are determined by the battery life of a drone. Battery life could vary between 10 minutes to 60 minutes or even more.

A beginners micro drone that is capable to maintain a longer battery life has a longer flight time and wider range. Besides from considering flight time and range, keep in mind that you will need to recharge or replace batteries each time they run out.

​Availability of Spares

​For a beginner like you, you will hit your drone into things so many times because you are just learning to fly it. Because of that, you need to consider the availability of spare parts for the drone you want. Can you get them to a nearby store or even online?

If online how long will it take for them to be delivered? When you buy some drones they come with a pair of spares for each breakable part but I'm sure you will run out of spares.


​As a beginner, you may not require a camera because you will be flying your drone in the line of sight. However, most drones do not come with cameras; they come with a camera holding place called a gimbal. Choose a camera drone if you are going to take some videos.

Drones that hold cameras come in varying sizes depending on the weight of your camera. While drones that have inbuilt cameras have internal storage spaces or you could add an external storage.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Here is some of the frequently asked questions about mini drone for beinners with the answers:

How do the transmitted videos reach us?

Some of the mini drones are capable of showing you live videos and images. It is possible because of the FPV or the first person view features. This feature is mostly available in the cost and premium quality drones. The function uses the wifi of your phone to transmit the photo or the video to you.

What if the drone gets out of sight/range?

There is a very high chance of being crushed when a drone gets out of range. However, some of the drones are equipped with a feature which can bring back the drone from where it started after it loses connection with the controller. The feature is now available at most of the beginner mini-drones.

What if I face a battery discharge during the flight?

If the battery gets discharged while flying it will generally get down. However, if the drone has a return home feature, then it will be back at the starting location. Some drones are equipped with a feature which warns the pilot when the battery of the drone gets discharged.

Which Drone is best?

It is quite impossible to tell you which drone is best for you without knowing your preferences and budget. If you are looking for a drone for hobby and have enough budget, then you can go for a better drone. If you are planning to start with a drone, then it will be better to go for a mini-drone.

What drones can carry a GoPro?

Usually, the mini-drone cant carries a GoPro. To carry a GoPro, the drone needs to be highly powerful. Typically, the mini-drone is lightweight and made just to carry their usual weight. Adding a GoPro will make it impossible for the drone to fly and even if it could fly it may crash in the midway.

​Final Words

For you to nail the best mini drone for beginners, you need to understand how it works first. The specs you read on packages may just be for selling the drone but going through reviews like the one above will help you get what you want.

​Your reason for buying a ​nano quadcopter does matter, whether it is for racing, for making small deliveries, for videography or for home use even as a gift for a friend. It will help you ensure that you get an exceptional drone.

The drones listed are easy to use and perform remarkably. If you have loved this review please share it with friends or in your drone community.

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