Top 11 Best Micro Drones in 2019 – Reviews and Guide

​Did you know that the best micro drones is so discreet that it can easily fit in your hand? This means that they can easily be carried around as they comfortably fit into an average size pouch or bag. With that in mind, you may be thinking about getting one. Great idea!

​Drones have become the modern rave when it comes to monitoring and surveillance, not to mention how fun they are to use. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

​You can even use them to watch breathtaking landscapes as you comfortably relax in your home. Ready to get one of your own? We have a great list for you this year.



​Flight Time

​Control Distance


​​4 Speeds

​7-10 Minutes

​​50-100 meters

​3 Speeds

​5-6 Minutes


​4 Speeds

​5 minutes

​50 Meters

​4 Speeds

​7-9 Minutes

​50-100 Meters

​4 Speeds

​5 minutes

​30 Meters


​6-8 Minutes

​30-50 Meters

​2 Speeds

​5 Minutes

​30 Meters

​3 Speeds

​4-8 Minutes

​40 meters

​2 Speeds



​4 Speeds

​9 Minutes

​70 Meters

​Best Micro Drones - Mini Reviews

​Best Micro Drones is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put ​Best Micro Drones is a one of the best in our Product Type List.

​1.  Holy Stone F181W Wi-Fi Fpv Drone

​Holy Stone F181W

This Holy stone drone F181w is an easy to operate device quite suitable for anyone learning the ropes. With its long battery life and excellent image quality, it is a wonderful addition for any novice.

The drone has an inbuilt pressure altitude hold that gives it the ability to stabilize and take great pictures. The automatic function is intelligent enough to hold still and hover at the current height as you partake your favorite hobby. It allows you to let go of the throttle stick as you focus on the images.

​HD Camera

​When it comes to the use of drones the camera is non-arguably one of the most important features. This micro drone has an inbuilt HD camera. The camera has a high resolution that gives you excellent pictures. The cameras 720P° Wide-angle view allows you to take wide shots. You don't have to miss anything.

​Real-time Transmission

​The camera comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi that allows you see images in real time via the Wi-Fi. You are thus able to zoom in or out, change angles, move closer etc. to get the best images possible. Additionally, this allows you to transmit the images to other devices like laptops and phones via the Wi-Fi.  

​Gravity Sensor

​This is a very useful trait in that the camera is able to stay above ground. This is because the sensor allows it to sense when it is about to hit the ground.

​Longer Flight Time

​The drone is able to stay longer in flight because of the two powerful batteries that come with it. The dual 3.7V 750 mAhLiPo batteries allow for double the time in play or work.

​Easy to Use

​The Holy Stone F181W is extremely user-friendly. It is appropriate for kids who may not have experience in drone flying. This is because its operation is by a 6 Axis Gyro. No complicated buttons or controls.


  • The drone is factory assembled and comes ready to fly
  • High-quality camera with a wide-angle view
  • Two batteries for double flight time​
  • ​Easy to operate with 6 Axis Gyro
  • ​Single button key return
  • ​Single key landing
  • ​Comes with an LCD viewing display


  • ​Gets easily blown away by mildly strong winds
  • ​The camera module sometimes gets loose
  • ​Quickly overheats. Requires breaks after every 10 minutes of use.

​2.  REDPAWZ R011 Micro FPV Racing Drone​​​​​

The REDPAWZ R011 racing drone is a drone for more experienced drone users with high performance and convenient use. With its headless mode, one key return and HD goggles, the drone is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

This one of a kind drone is made with the ability to perform awesome maneuvers. The drone can flip, roll over to a whole 360 degrees, hover on its sides etc.

​It is perfect for the drone lover who enjoys high action performance. The aerobatic flight maneuvers of the drone make it one of a kind suitable for novices and professionals.

​Crash Resistance

​The micro drone has four powerful propellers. Apart from helping in the high action movements of the drone, the propellers help the drone resisting crashes. The propellers utilize the wind power available to power themselves.

​Speed Control

​The Mini-drone is made with three variable speed modes. This is useful especially for new users who may need lower speeds to help them navigate the drones around. Also, the speed control is essential when you want to perform the flips and turns as they require lower speeds.

​HD Goggles

​Watching the images from the drone has been made extremely easy because of the wearable eye viewer with a wide LCD screen in fitted.

You are now able to totally concentrate on the navigation as the customized googles are conveniently worn. The goggles are easy to set up with the auto search channel function.

​Wide Camera Angle

​The micro drone is able to give you better photos as its camera is able to focus on wide angles. This means you get a wider view and better pictures with the 120° wide angle camera lens. The image quality is good as the camera's lenses are light sensitive producing vivid colors.

​Precise Control

​The powerful 2.4GHz remote utilizes state of the art technology to control the drone. This technology ensures that the remote clicker has accurate control of the drone. In this way, you are able to not only control the movement of the drone but also its maneuvering capabilities.


  • ​Customized goggles with complete 5.8G FPV system
  • ​​Has battery protection
  • ​Adjustable 3- speed option
  • ​The battery can be replaced
  • ​Can be used for both indoors and outdoors flying


  • ​The drone has a short flight time
  • ​The VR goggles cannot be used with corrective spectacles

​3.  Newest Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone

​Newest Syma X20

The Syma X20 is a basic drone for beginners and for those who love door flying. Despite the fact that it does not come with a camera, its ease of use make up for it.

The SYMA X20 is possibly among the best nano fpv drones because of its ability to stay stable in flight. This is because of the altitude hold function that allows you to set a specified altitude mode of flight. Additionally, the mode enables the drone to stay hovering at a specific height giving you a better view of things.

​Unique Design

The drone features a unique flat like a wide design. The power button is conveniently placed at the top for easy operation. The drone also has pop guards to provide extra security for the drone.

Additionally, the drones remote is designed with orientation led lights, green at the front and red at the rear. This helps you in orientation.  

​However, unlike the conventional light positions, the lights are internally located. This means that the lights illuminate a big portion of the drone making the drone more visible to you. The drone does not have any detachable parts.


​Unlike the conventional control stick transmitters found in most drones, the Syma X2 has sliders. These unique sliders also work quite efficiently. The transmitter is also fitted with a pebble design which is wide enough making it comfortable to hold.

​Single Take off/landing Key

​Further to make it easy to operate, the drone comes with a single button take-off and landing. This means that with just one press you can automatically power the drone to take off or recall it.

​Headless Mode

​This mode enables the drone to automatically face the remote control as soon as it is powered. This means you can easily identify the direction of the drone for flight.


  • ​Easy to use, suitable for children and novices
  • ​Stable can withstand mildly strong winds
  • ​​Led lights for nighttime navigation
  • ​Can perform 360-degree rotations easily.
  • ​Prop guards cannot be removed without taking the body apart


  • ​Does not have a camera
  • ​Battery cannot be removed
  • ​Short flight time

​4.  Holy Stone F181C RC Drone with HD Camera

​Holy Stone F181C

The Holystone F181c RC is another extremely easy to use micro drone suitable for beginners. With features like a HD camera, long flight time and easy controls, any novice will have an easy time enjoying the ride.

This easy to use the device is fitted with an inbuilt transmitter that allows you to control the drone in a range of an approximate maximum of 100 meters. It also allows you to easily maneuver the drone as you desire.

​Adjustable Power Modes

​The drone has the ability to perform in different adjustable power modes. You can opt to set the power modes ranging from 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100%. This gives you the flexibility to select how much power you would like.

This helps you especially when you are new in drone flying as you can use the lower power levels as you learn to control the drone and ease into the higher power modes as you get better.

​Headless Mode

​This micro drone is fitted with a headless mode that helps you in guiding the quadcopter. This means that as soon as you switch on the copter it turns to face the direction of the remote control.

This will let you know which side the front is. This eliminates the risk of accidentally surging it in the wrong direction and damaging it.

​LED Lights

​The drone comes with bright LED lights that can be switched on or off. These lights are used as guides for you to keep an eye on and locate the drone, especially during low light conditions.

​6-Axis Gyro

​The copters Gyro control provides the drone with the ability to hover at any desired height after the throttle has been released. This helps you take quality images. Also, the axis enables the drone to make flips and turns with a simple button push. This makes flying quite interesting.

​Dual Power

​The quadcopter comes with two batteries and motors, double the power. This is meant to give the copter bonus flying time.


  • ​Some parts are replaceable
  • ​​Durable makeup ensured to last you a long time
  • ​Easy to use and responsive control pad
  • ​Easy to fly drone good for beginners


  • ​Camera not of optimum quality
  • ​Batteries do not offer very long flight time
  • ​Does not withstand powerful wind gusts because of its extremely lightweight

​5.  GoolRC T36 Mini RC Quadcopter Drone

​GoolRC T36

The GoolRC T36 drone is easy to use and perfect for beginners. Good on maneuverability the drone is also stable.  

The drone has a one key control to power and recall the drone. This means that when you want to have the drone back to base all you have to do is press the button and the drone will come back to you.


​The drone is able to make a myriad of maneuvers including 3d flips. With the touch of a button, the drone can make a 360-degree turn. This function is pretty easy to use even for beginners. So whether you are a novice or a seasoned flier, you both can enjoy the acrobatics of the GoolRC

​2-Speed Variation

​This micro drone is dual speed oriented. This allows you to navigate between the high and low speed depending on your preference. The high low-speed variation also offers an option for less seasoned fliers to be able to navigate the drone.  

​6-Way Axis Gyro

​The drone has the latest 6 axis gyro technology that aids in stabilization of the drone for better pictures. It also aids in the maneuvering of the drone and precision control. It can be controlled to fly forward or backward, turn, flip, rise or fall.

​Navigation Lights

​The drone has inbuilt bright Led lights that make it easy to see during the night and in unclear weather conditions. This helps you properly navigate the drone even when there is mist or darkness.

The LED lights also improve the appearance of the drone. Making it look like a UFO in the night. A really pleasing sight to look at.  

​Headless Mode

​By using the headless mode, you will always be sure that your drone is facing the right direction. Sometimes when the direction of the Drone is not clear, one may mistakenly surge the drone backward thinking it is forward.

However, with the headless technology, the drone will automatically face the remote control as soon as it is powered on.


  • ​One key return feature. Ensures that the drone cannot be easily lost
  • ​Made of durable material to last a long time
  • ​One key return mode prevents loss of the drone​
  • ​Headless mode for easy direction on drone
  • ​Sturdy material for long life


  • ​Cannot take any photos or videos
  • ​Does not do well in the outdoors
  • ​Short play time
  • ​Short range of control

​6.  Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Helicopter Drone

Holy Stone HS170

This easy to use a micro drone is ideal for beginners and those under training. Holy Stone HS170 is versatile, attractive and has all the functionalities of a professional users drone.

The drone is easy to navigate even under windy conditions. This is because the drone is made in a design that has wind resistance. Because of this, the drone is suitable for our door use.

​Also, novices will have an easy time navigating this drone even when its windy giving them a better chance at mastering drone piloting.

​Gyro Stabilization

​The gyro 6 axis control gives the drone maximum stability. This enables the drone to perform various stunts without toppling out of the sky. With the use of a button, you are able to make a 3D flip, turns, etc.

Also, the Gyro Technology allows the stability needed for the drone to be hovered above ground and stay steady as you take pictures or zoom in to take a closer look at the thing that interests you.

​Wider Control Range

​The drone has a long range of control. Its control averages to a maximum of 50 Meters. This means that you are able to fly further and see more with this state of the art micro drone.

​Low Interference Remote

​The remote control is a powerful 2.4GHz that prevents it from being easily susceptible to interference. This makes it precise. It makes the maneuver and control of the device easy and accurate. In this way, you are able to not only control the movement of the drone but also its maneuvering capabilities.

​Triple Selectable Speed Modes

​The drone has 3-speed modes that can be alternated according to your level of expertise. This makes the drone easy to use even for younger fliers and novices.

The newbies are able to have a slow speed setting that enables them master the art of drone manipulation. They can select higher speeds as they get better. It is therefore appropriate for all experience levels.


  • ​Suitable for all experience levels
  • ​Durable rugged make up
  • ​Controls are super responsive
  • ​FAA registration not required​
  • ​Gyro axis for aerobic stunt performances


  • ​The drone tends to overheat. 10-minute cool down breaks recommended
  • ​Does not have camera mounts
  • ​Short battery life
  • ​Does not have a camera

​7.  EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone


​The EACHINE E010 mini is a beginner's choice for learning drone flying. It is easy to use and has a strong remote control. It is also able to travel a longer distance because of its range capability and battery life.

The drone offers you an option of whether you want to operate that drone on the high speed or the low speed. Whether you prefer to pilot at slower speeds or do not yet have the experience to fly fast, you are sorted.

​Also for the professionals and those who love the thrill of fast flaying, you are also not left out.

​6 Axis Control

​The 6 axis Gyro gives you the flexibility of maneuvering the drone in different directions without any problem. The drone then can be controlled upwards, downwards, left, right and can even turn over doing 360 degree flips.

​Positioning System

​The micro drone is fitted with a positioning system. this gives the drone the ability to auto-locate the position of the remote control. With this positioning system, you are thus able to use a single key to recall the drone.

As soon as you press the key, the drone locates the position of the remote control and flies back to it.

​Compass Mode

​The compass mode helps in the direction of the drone. The drone is able to locate the remote control direction and follow it. This means that when you turn the direction of the remote control, the drone turns in the same direction.

​Indicative LED Lights

​The drone is made with built-in led lights. The lights serve two functions. The first function is for you to easily see the drone during low light and night time. The second function is to differentiate between the back and the front.

The drone has a bright red color on one side and a bright blue color on the other to differentiate the front and back.


  • ​One key return feature prevents loss of the drone​
  • ​Comes with 4 extra propellers
  • ​Comes assembled ready to use​
  • ​LED lights for easy visibility and night navigation
  • ​Durable sturdy make up lasts longer
  • ​Small portable design


  • ​Has a very short battery life
  • ​Gets easily destabilized by gusts of wind
  • ​Does not come with a camera

​8.  EACHINE E10C Mini Quadcopter


The EACHINE E10C quadcopter surprisingly looks like a toy, but don't be fooled by this high performing drone. It makes an easy to use copter with its stability and maneuverability.

This is a wonderful option that lets you select between low and high-speed flying. This is quite convenient even for the new fliers who may opt to fly at the lower speeds so as to be able to maneuver the drone easily. Needless to say, it can also be used by the more seasoned fliers as they can use the high speed.

​Indicator Lights

​The drone is designed with indicator lights at the front and back of the drone. The lights are designed to help you differentiate between the front and the back. The front lights are blue and the backlights are red. The lights also serve as a guide for your nighttime piloting.

​HD Camera

​The drone is made with a built-in high-quality HD camera. The camera is able to take wonderful good quality photos and videos. The 2.0MP camera ensures that you do not miss out on anything.


​The quadcopter is able to perform several maneuvers making it quite versatile. It has a 6 axis Gyro which makes it stable enough to allow it make flips and turns making your flying experience more enjoyable. The drone is able to make 360-degree turns. This is done with a simple push of a button.

​Headless Design

​The headless mode plays a big role in helping guide the Quadcopter. This mode enables the drone to automatically face the remote control as soon as it is powered. The drone looks the same from all directions and it may be difficult to determine which side is front facing.

The headless mode will let you know which side the front is. This eliminates the risk of accidentally surging it in the wrong direction and damaging it.


  • ​Indicator lights great for night time navigation
  • ​Easy to use for both beginners and seasoned fliers
  • ​Good quality camera with a high-quality image output


  • ​The control range of the drone is short
  • ​The drone is susceptible to be affected by wind gusts
  • ​The transmitter is small in size
  • ​Not as stable when doing flips, tends to lose altitude

​9.  Cheerson Cx-10 Mini Rc Quadcopter Ufo Rtf

​Cheerson Cx-10

If you are looking for a discreet drone to use in your everyday leisure, then this is Cheerson Cx-10. This unique drone is low in noise and yet offers all the function abilities of a basic drone.

The Cheerson Cx-10 is a silent operator. It has been proven to be less noisy than some of the drones in the market. At most, it only seems to produce a hum as it flies. This is quite convenient, especially when using it indoors.

​Remote Control

​This micro drone has an amazing functional remote control that snugly fits in the palm. The buttons are easy to reach making it easy to use. The buttons are anti-adhesive coated so as not to compromise on control.

The drones LED power indicator changes color as the drones' battery drains giving you ample time to recall the drone before it runs out of charge and crashes.

​LED Lights

​This tiny micro drone comes with built-in led lights that serve as a guide for the night fliers. The lights make the drone easily visible. This means that even at night or under low light conditions you can easily keep an eye on the drone to avoid it crashing into walls, trees etc.

​Easy to Use

​The drone is easy to use because of its user-friendly controls. Its LED lights also help in the navigation of the drone in the dark. This means that even children are able to use this drone without a problem. It gives you an option to adjust the sensitivity of the transmitter.

You may opt to reduce the sensitivity for inexperienced users and gradually ease it up as the beginner learns the ropes.

​Adjustable Gyroscope

​The drone tends to be very stable because of the inbuilt gyroscope that comes with the drone. The gyroscope also enables the drone to maneuver various aerobatic maneuvers. This means the drone can swoop up and down, turn left and right and even do flips.


  • ​​Smart remote control
  • ​Good battery life offers longer flight time
  • ​​Easy to maneuver and control
  • ​Ability to perform flips and turns easily


  • ​Does not have a camera​
  • ​Easily affected by gusts of wind as it has no wind proofing​
  • ​The blades are not as durable and may easily break

​10.  Kosiwun FQ777 124 Micro Pocket Drone

​Kosiwun FQ777 124

The FQ777-124 is among the best micro drone in the market today because of its wonderfully unique features. Apart from the fact that it is extremely small, it can be stored right inside its controller. And it can be charged without a power source.

The drone has a built-in headless mode that enables you to quickly recall the drone. This is because the drone is able to use its locator to sense where the remote control is situated.That is why as soon as you press the recall key the drone follows the sensor to where the remote control is.

​Dual Speed Modes

​The drone is dual speed enabled to provide you with a choice of speeds at which it can be flown. You can select between the slow and fast speeds depending on your expertise or preference. This makes the drone easily operable by the beginners and the experienced fliers.

​Miniature Size

​This is arguably among the smallest micro drones in the market as its miniature size allows for you to conveniently carry it in your pocket.The drone’s controller is shaped in a design that allows you to comfortably fit and store the drone within. It offers not only function ability but also convenience

​6 Axis Gyro

​This is a very desirable feature in drones. This is because the Gyro offers stability for the drones. This, in turn, allows for the various maneuvers possible to be executed without toppling over the drone. The Gyro allows for the drones ability to flip and turn easily.

​Storage/ Transmitter

​The drone’s charging case and transmitter also serves as a storage case for the drone. The transmitter has dual compartments with see-through doors. The front part is for the drones storage while the rear part serves to store other accessories.

The main advantage of this transmitter is at can be used to charge the drone's battery. Quite an asset when you are in an area without a power socket.


  • ​The drone can be charged without an external power source
  • ​Small size easily fits in your pocket
  • ​Made with pop guards making it very durable
  • ​Can be used by all skill level fliers
  • ​Compact transmitter with drone storage space


  • ​The small size makes the drone a bit difficult to control
  • ​Tends to produce a sharp noise
  • ​The quality of the storage container may not be very sturdy

​11.  ​Holy Stone HS160 Drone with Camera

Holy Stone HS160

The Holy Stone HS160 is an extremely portable micro drone. It is made from very light plastic material and the fact that it is foldable. Convenient for use, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The camera has the ability to provide stable flight due to the inbuilt barometer. Additionally, the barometer is useful in enabling the altitude hold function. The function allows the camera to hover at a determined height as you go about taking pictures.

​Real-time Transmission

​The drone has an inbuilt camera with Wi-Fi that enables you to see real-time images. This means you can watch the live images as you take snapshots of your preferred images.

Also because of the live feed, you may opt to zoom in or manipulate the drone to specific angles to get better images.  

​Smartphone Control

​With the advancement in telephony, more and more smartphone users are emerging. One of these uses is in the micro drone remote controlling. With the APP control, you can use your smartphone to easily control the drone. 

All you need to do is install the APP application on your phone and unlock a host of functions that you can use for the drone use and manipulation.

​LED Lights

​These lights placed both on the drone and the remote controls are useful for the navigation of the micro drone. The drones' navigation lights play an important role in the navigation of the drone during low light conditions.

The lights make the drone easily visible as you pilot it around. Also, the remote controls lights make the navigation buttons visible for easy operation even when it is dark.

​Interchangeable Speed Modes

​The drone provides you with 4 interchangeable speed modes that allow you to select the speed that is most convenient for you. This also makes it easy for users with different skill sets to comfortably operate the drone.

The slower speeds are appropriate for novices and children while the higher speeds are appropriate for more skilled users.


​The drone is highly compact because of its ability to be easily foldable. The drone can easily fit in your pocket. Its compact nature also makes it more resilient to damage.


  • ​Gravity sensor quickly responds to your smartphone movement
  • ​The camera is compatible with 3D VR headset
  • ​HD camera for beautiful photos


  • ​The battery tends to drain quickly due to prolonged use of the drone
  • ​Low memory storage capacity

​Things to Consider When Choosing Best Micro drones

​You are probably new to drones but would like to get the best micro drone fpv. However, choosing the best is proving to be a bit of an uphill task because of the array of models to choose from. Well no need to worry, that is why you are here reading this article.

Despite the fact that the drones may seem the same there is a vast pool of options with a variety of extra features and designs that you need to look into before buying a drone. We will give you an elaborate guide to make your selection easy.


​With the growing popularity of the drone technology, more and more drones are being made with optimizations of specific uses in mind.

This means you can now get a drone made specifically for surveillance; security, photography etc. search the market and consider getting one specifically tailored for your uses in mind.

​Range of Control

​The range of distance that allows you to control the mini-drone is very important. This means the further the distance that you can control the micro drone the better the drone. Select the drone range depending on the kind of work you would like to do with the drone.


​How durable the make-up of your micro drone determines how long it will last. There are several materials used in the construction of the micro drones.

Available in the market are ordinary ABS plastic drones which are cheaper and the aluminum devices which do not offer much in terms of quality. Best of all are the carbon and fiberglass drones that are durable and offer better quality.

​Recorded or Live Feeds

​The drone cameras are able to either record live feed or record images for later viewing. Not all micro drones have the ability to record live feeds.

This is an important determinant in the choice of your drone. Live feeds are advantageous in that you are able to get real-time images via Wi-Fi. This allows you the option of taking precise images as you see them.

​Battery life

​Among the most crucial features when it comes to the selection of the best micro fpv drone. The battery life determines how long you will be able to operate your drone before it dies out.

The longer the battery life, the better the drone. Furthermore, the amount of time that the battery takes to recharge is important. You wouldn't want a battery that dies out in 5 minutes and takes the whole day to recharge.

​Height and Speed

​This is an important consideration depending on the micro drones work. If you are intending to use it to record fast action events, then the drone must be able to travel at high speeds.

Also, a drone that will be used to cover wide areas must be able to fly higher than its counterparts to adequately cover the area.


​In essence, most micro drones come with own inbuilt their cameras. However, some may require an additional equipment to attach the camera on the drone.

Preferably go for the cameras with their built-in cameras. The cameras needing additional equipment are generally heavier than the ones with built-in cameras. Also important is the camera's capability.

This includes the number of megapixels, video output quality, zoom capacity and your ability to control the camera angles.

​Replacement of Parts

​Like every kind of equipment in the market, your micro drone may get damaged. Some models in the market are made in a way that replacements are difficult. This type of drone tends to be useless if any part is broken.

As much as possible avoid such models, rather select drones that allow for easy replacement of parts. The most common parts that need replacement now and then are malfunctioning batteries, worn out gears and damaged propellers.

​Experience Levels

​The market is full of models with different levels of difficulty to operate. Typically, the more complex the operation the more expensive the device.

As a beginner, it is recommended that you buy the cheaper models that are easy to operate. You can gradually ease into buying the more complex devices as you master the use of drones.


​Last but not least, where do you want to fly your micro drone, indoors or outdoors? If outdoors is your preference, consider selecting a larger weightier drone that can withstand a burst of wind without being blown haywire.

If you want an indoor used drone, the smaller versions are ideal. Alternatively, go for a drone that you can use both indoors and outdoors to be on the safe side.

​Additional Features

​To get the best value for your money looks for the devices that offer additional useful features. Does the drone come with extra batteries, extra propellers or maybe other parts?

The most desired addition is the GPS sensor that can help you navigate the drone to a specific area using coordinates. It will also help you trace the drone if it ever gets lost or blown down by strong winds.

​Frequently Asked Question ​ (FAQ)

Here is some of the frequently asked questions about micro drone with the answers:

What is the best micro drone?

Micro drones are usually much popular than the mini-drones. As a result, there is a lot of manufacturer in the market which are providing micro drones. So it is a little hard to choose the best micro drone. However, the mentioned micro drones are some of the best available in the market.

What is the weight of Nano drones?

The weight of a Nano drone is as low as 250 grams. It will be called as a micro drone if it comes with a more significant weight. Lightweight materials are used in the construction of the Nano drone, and the sizes are made compact to make the Nano drones.

How to Fly a Drone?

Flying a drone is not that hard. Especially, if you are buying a drone for hobbyist, then it became much easier. Such drones come with a very easy operating system. You can easily fly the drone by following the manual that you get while buying it.

How to keep the drone stabilized on air?

You don't need to do anything extra if you are flying a mini-drone to keep it stabilized in the air. When you don't press any of the control buttons, the drone will usually stay stabilizer on the air. However, it can be different for some drones.

Which feature to consider while choosing a drone?

The best way to choose the drone is considering different functional parts of it’s to end up with a better product. You should consider the power of the motor, the size of the drone, battery power of the drone, etc. while choosing a drone.


Micro drones have now become very popular due to their discreet nature and portability. Initially, they were only used for surveillance purposes by the military. But with their popularity comes expanded use.

Nowadays the drones are not only being used in surveillance but also, nature observation, security, search and rescue operations and leisure.

​That is why we thought it best to furnish you with the best micro drones in the market to make it easy for you to pick one. We have done all the hard work, now it is your turn. Pick from our selection of the best in the market.

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