About us

Hello, I’m Bruce Stein, a professional blogger. I have writing blogs on different topics for more than five years. I have wide arrays of blog on various niches.

However, I enjoy working on drone industry. In my free time, I love to travel to different places and watching soccer.

I’m very glad to know that you want to know a bit more about me and the “DroneQuery.com” website.

Bruce Stein

In 2018, I started the site as a hobbyist drone enthusiast. The RC drones are a great way to enjoy some thrilling flight experiences without cutting your pocket. However, it can be quite hard to find a decent drone without prior experience as there are so many of them in the market.

I have created this site with the thought of helping the newbies who are interested in this hobby. As the toy is something considerably new, most people fail to find the best one in their budget. My goal is to make things easier for first-time drone buyers with in-depth and detailed guidance and reviews.

About us

In this era of video games, the drone can be a great way to enjoy some outdoor activities to cheer up your mode. It can offer you a thrilling experience of flying something real rather than the computer-simulated flights. With the right RC drone or multi-rotor, you can turn your boring times fun-filled and thrilling.

Throughout the website, you will find detailed reviews and well-explained buying guides. You can rely on the information of the website as it’s not affiliated with any of the drone manufacturers. Rather, we refer you to the links of Amazon where you can see the prior user reviews of the drones to be more assured about their quality.

Flying is more fun with friends. If you find the website helpful, please do tell your friends about it. You can also contact me through the “contact us” page for any recommendations, queries, or questions. Thank You!